The first Bihar ministry during British regime from 1 April 1937 to 19 July 1937 was led by Premier Mohammad Yunus .The second Bihar ministry in 1937 and the first, second Bihar governments after Independence were led by Sri Krishna Sinha and Anugrah Narayan Sinha. Subsequently,


Biharbandhu was the first Hindi newspaper published from Bihar. It was started in 1872 by Madan Mohan Bhatta, a Maharashtrian Brahman settled in Biharsharif.


Historically, Bihar has been a major centre of learning, home to the ancient university of Nalanda (established in 450 CE), Odantpura (established in 550CE) and Vikramshila (established in 783 AD).


Bihar has a very small industrial base compared to the other Indian states including neighbouring Jharkhand . State of Bihar accounts for nearly about 8.5% of India's population and about 3% of its landmass. In percentage terms of industrial units, Bihar holds only around 1% of factories installed in India. In terms of output value, […]

Geography and Climate

Bihar has a diverse climate. Its temperature is subtropical in general, with hot summers and cool winters. Bihar is a vast stretch of fertile plain. It is drained by the Ganges River, including its northern tributaries Gandak and Koshi, originating in the Nepal Himalayas and the Bagmati originating in the Kathmandu Valley that regularly flood […]

History of Bihar

The History of Bihar as a region is very rich and eventful. This is due to the fact that Bihar was a center of power, learning and culture. It has been a cradle of Indian civilization and the birth place of two of the major religions that have emanated from India: Buddhism and Jainism.